Food for Thought


  • Type: Design challenge
  • Goal: Develop the concept Food for Thought during an international 10-day workshop.


Kim Sauvé
Senne Friederichs
Linnea Groot


Our team of 3 Industrial Design master students was one of the 11 finalists from over the globe for the Tsinghua-Santander World Challenge, an international interdisciplinary innovation competition. We were invited for a 10-day workshop to turn our concept Food for Thought into reality. Our concept aims at making people aware of their carbon footprint by visualizing the distance their groceries have to travel and the level of carbon dioxide the production creates. As the design is physically present in your home environment it is easy to encounter before going out for groceries. The colors of the design indicate the level of carbon dioxide you create with your purchases and the size of the rings indicate how far the product had to travel to get to your country. Additionally, you can keep track of your progress in an application which provides detailed information on the food you consumed. Here you can also share and compare with a community of users to together make small steps to a more sustainable society.